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Mardi Gras Food

Okay, so I know Mardi Gras isn’t here until February, but people are always getting ready and preparing for Mardi Gras here. Seriously.

So let’s think about some Mardi Gras food. I love it how down here in New Orleans, even while there are Christmas decorations in the store, there is also Mardi Gras stuff. Only the locals understand. And if you wait too long to pick up your purple, green, and gold goods, you will be out of luck as the stores seem to run out of the good stuff the closer it gets to carnival.

I just love the fancy Mardi Gras packaging you see with local products. My favorite being the Zapps chips with the masks and feathers! I’m a sucker for anything bright, shiny, and gluttonous, so these chips really do it for me.

mardi gras food

Let me also give a shout out to Winn Dixie and Walmart’s King Cake selection. Cream cheese filled, strawberry, even chocolate King Cakes out there. I want to eat them all!

Of course, king cake is best washed down with a nice cold New Orleans Daiquiri.