Everything Tastes Better with Bacon Salt

Who doesn’t love bacon? If you surf the internet, you can find bacon lovers all around, posting their images of extreme bacon casseroles and manly bacon wrapped anything you can think of. Bacon is so delicious, but it is one of the most unhealthy things you can eat. Ok so we admit to actually caring about our digestive health. But when it comes to bacon, it can be very difficult.

Enter bacon salt. Bacon mayonnaise, bacon flavored pop corn, bacon lip balm? Yes, the bacon salt people have launched an entire line of bacon flavored items, and we absolutely must try them all.

Bacon Salt

It started with two guys who love bacon, and a winning America’s Funniest Videos video of a kid playing baseball. A five thousand dollar prize funded it all, and bacon salt was born. Brilliant. And they’re right. Everything should taste like bacon!

For more bacon salt and bacon yummies, here are their links:

Bacon Salt at JD Foods

JD Foods Facebook Page

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